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06 September 2013 @ 01:31 pm
Goodies August 2013  
after a long wait, i finally got my goodies today *-*

Large towel [Free!]
Tetsuya #2 plushie [Kuroko no Basket]
Calculator [Kuroko no Basket]
Sketchbook [Karneval]
Ruler Makoto ver. [Free!]
Clear Bookmarks set 4 [Shingeki no Kyojin]
Bookmark x 2 [Makai Ouji]
Bookmark x 1 [Karneval]
Mini Towel [Karneval]

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Me encantan todos! *-*
esa toalla de free! me hizo sufrir zzzz
i've been waiting for it forever! i wonder how well will it work as a towel tho .-.
but i kinda don't want to use it @_@ se va a desgastar y no quiero Dx
the eternal problem with buying anime goodies. to use or not to use, that is the question. i will be using the bookmarks tho ^o^/
i love bookmarks. can't have enough of them! <3

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here is a comparison in case you are not good with fabric knowledge (like me, im bad at that). the white one is ur regular good old towel us common folks use. the green one is a beach towel; those are usually thinner. and then we have the free! towel (microfiber).

now to wait for september~ another month full of goodies *-*