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19 April 2013 @ 11:04 pm
this week's loot~  
finally something new after so long :v i'm an addict x.x

let's start with manga this time =D
Hana Kimi, Loveless, and the last vol of Punch Up!

wysiwyg image

punch up is so good and funny :< i'm sad its over
that hana kimi volume will last for awhile @.@ hana kimi has a lot of text. good for when you have to go on a long trip x.x

now the figure~~~~ only one figure this time xd

wysiwyg image

ginchan, u look so hot i <3 u (love)(love)(love)
the best of it is that he wasn't expensive! i'm loving this whole deal of buying prize figures the regular type are just so expensive ugh..

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on another note, pivix is being flooded with Shingeki no Kyogin fanart. i hope that figure makers see that this series is awesome (in case it is not obvious to them), and make a couple of prize figures of eren and mikasa.
mikasa will join my list of bad ass girls i like (cool)